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Residential lawn care in Winnipeg is our specialty. We offer a 200% guarantee and strive to go above and beyond in every single way that we can. If you are unsatisfied with our service, we will make it right. If we fail to satisfy you again, we will pay a competitor of ours to serve you. That is how confident we are in the quality of our lawn care service here in Winnipeg. Go ahead, give us a try!

Rates as low as $119 per month!

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“In 2015 I set out on a mission, that we are still on to this day, to create the most well respected lawn care and snow removal company in all of Winnipeg. Over the past three years, we have managed to provide services to hundreds of people and are excited to continue on a trend of growth in the 2018 season… Late last year, something amazing happened. We were awarded the Consumer Choice Award as well as the Certificate of Excellence from It truly was an honour to accept these awards and…”Kristian Zoppa, Owner/Operator of Cleanr Mow

Yes – that is me above! To learn more about us, please click here.

All Winnipeg Lawn Care Plans Include:

  • Mowing, Trimming & Edging

    Weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing, trimming & edging are included with our residential plans.

  • Variable Cut Heights

    Based on the weather conditions, we alter our mowing height to make sure you get an optimal cut!

  • Uniformed Staff

    All of our staff wear company provided uniforms when working on residential properties.

  • Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

    Enjoy the fact that you are covered with year round service including spring & fall clean-ups!

  • Grass Clippings Mulched

    All grass clippings are mulched and left on the grass to provide nutrients and help grass health.

  • Email Updates

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  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We have a 200% satisfaction rate and many 5-star reviews to prove it!

  • Credit Cards Accepted

    Sign up with your credit card and automatically get billed monthly. No cheques needed!

Our Commitment

Cleanr Mow strives to go above and beyond when it comes to residential lawn care in Winnipeg. With highly trained staff and the proper equipment for every property, we are able to offer a quality service at an affordable cost. Every residential property is mowed, trimmed, edged, and blown off once a week from the beginning of May to the end of September.

Residential rates start at just $119/month+ GST and the mowing seasons runs from May 1st – September 30th..

Attention To Detail

Attention to detail is something we pride ourselves on. Not only when it comes to mowing your lawn, but in all aspects of our business. Remember when you told us that you were getting work done in your backyard in 3 weeks and it would possibly be in the way of the lawn mowing crew? We remember. And we rescheduled you for another day, that way your lawn could still be freshly cut that week. Remember when you called in to tell us that you were getting a new dog and to be extra careful and make sure the gates are shut? We remember. And we made sure to add in your property notes “TRIPLE CHECK GATE IS SHUT”. At Cleanr Mow, we know it is the little things that count. That is why we try our best to do the little things.

If you are ready to give Cleanr Mow a try this summer, give us a call at (204) 960-0246. We are ready and waiting to take care of your home!

We are fully insured and registered in the province of Manitoba.

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We serve the majority of Winnipeg within city limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate requests for your lawn to be mowed on specific days of the week. As we strive to be as efficient as possible, so we can spend more time on your lawn and less time driving, we work on a quadrant system. Each day we are in a different area within our general service area. This limits drive time and allows us more time to look after your lawn!
We do not currently offer tree care. We are first and foremost a lawn care service and everything that goes into maintaining a great lawn; spring cleanups, aeration, power rakes, weekly visits, and consistent attention to detail.
Rain is an unavoidable obstacle in this industry and we maintain our best effort to keep things running when it rains. We can handle a little bit of water. However, if it is a downpour we will delay our schedule as necessary and push everyone back based on the number of days of rain we received. For example, if your lawn was to be mowed Monday and it rained Monday and Tuesday, you would be mowed on Wednesday. Our sophisticated software allows us to push back an entire days worth of customers with almost unnoticeable repercussions.
Not at the moment. However, we do have an amazing working relationship with another company in the city that offers a fert/weed control program and we would be happy to give you a referral!
We recycle them back into the lawn and they act as a natural fertilizer to help improve the health of the lawn. We use commercial grade mowers that do an amazing job at mulching the grass clippings, so bagging and hauling away is not necessary.
Yes. We do provide small landscaping jobs. If you are looking for a large project to be completed, we would be happy to offer you a referral!
Please phone it in! If you are having work done on your property, on your scheduled mowing day, that you believe will interfere with our ability to mow your lawn, please call us at (204) 960-0246. We will either change your scheduled mow or push it back until the next week. As our lawn techs are out all day doing lawns, notes from customers can occasionally be forgotten and for that reason it is always best just to phone it in!
We cut all lawns between 2.5″-3.5″ for the majority of the season. There are several reasons for this, but the main ones are improved root systems, thicker looking and feeling lawns, and a higher resistance to drought and disease. For these reasons, we will only mow between 2.5″-3.5″ and will not mow any lower for risk of burning out your lawn.
The 200% guarantee is very simple. If we perform a service and you are not fully satisfied with said service, we will do everything in our power to make the service right, at no additional charge. If we still can not make it right, we will pay one of our competitors to perform the very same service for you. That is how confident we are that we will perform each and every service at the highest level of quality possible!
Currently, we do not offer one time visits for lawn mowing services.
Currently, our minimum length of service is four weeks. But with prices that start at only $119/month, it just makes sense to treat yourself to a month off of mowing your lawn!

Winnipeg Lawn Care Service as low as $119/month!

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