Winnipeg Landscaping Services by Cleanr Mow

Cleanr Mow is proud to announce that we are now offering Winnipeg landscaping services to surrounding areas. With a dedicated team of trained and experienced landscapers, we are excited to be able to provide even more services to our valued customers. We offer many different landscaping services including flower bed installation, rock installs, sod installation and many more.

We’ve created such an amazing team, that we are able and willing to tackle any sized project you may have! Most large landscaping companies have extremely high minimum project costs upwards of $5,000, $10,000, or even higher. But with our efficient, full-time landscaping crew, we are able to take on jobs of any size and easily fit them into our schedule.

We have the team to support it and won’t leave you waiting 3 months for an estimate and then another 6 months for the work to begin. The average timeline for our landscaping projects is under 2 weeks from estimate to job completion.

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What type of landscaping do you need done?

We offer shrub trimming, total lawn renovations, drainage fixes, and more! Get in touch with us by phoning (204) 960-0246 and a Cleanr Mow estimator would be happy to meet with you and discuss your project and challenges to see how we can satisfy your needs.

Looking to spruce up your existing landscape? Annual flower plantings are a great way to add a pop of colour to a dull landscape. Ask us about our spring specials on annual flower plantings!

We Let Our Work Speak for Itself!

Winnipeg Landscaping Before/After
Winnipeg Landscaping Service Before/After

Winnipeg Landscaping Shrub Trimming
Winnipeg Landscaping Flower Bed Installation

Landscaping FAQ

Q: Do you charge for estimates?

A: No. We do not charge for estimates, but please have a good idea of what you would like done or a rough sketch as this helps us to better realize your vision!

Q: Do you deliver plants, soil, rock, etc?

A: Only if we are doing the installation as well. We do not deliver aggregates or materials on a one off, delivery only basis.

Q: How long does it take for our work to get done once we book you?

A: On average, from estimate to job completion there is only a two week window. Of course, this varies depending upon what time of the year you book, as the spring is the busiest time of the year.

Q: Do you have experience?

A: Yes. Our landscaping crew consists of many well trained and experienced landscapers!

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More of Our Work

New Winnipeg Landscaping Install
New Winnipeg Landscaping Install 2
New Winnipeg Landscaping Install 3
New Winnipeg Landscaping Install 4

A well-kept lawn and garden are signs of a happy home. And garden maintenance starts with mowed lawns. No matter which kind of grass you have on your lawn, you’ll need it mowed regularly to ensure that the place looks tidy and good looking.

We understand that mowing the lawn is a tedious job and most people in Winnipeg are busy and cannot give so much time to it. This is where we help you out. We offer custom lawn care plans to keep your lawns lush green and beautiful.

Our grass cutting ninjas will come to your place and give a free cost estimate. No matter how urgent your grass cutting needs are, our Winnipeg landscaping professionals be able to make your garden look amazing before that special event. When it comes to lawn care, you can rest assured that your garden will always be presentable, thanks to the experts from Cleanr Mow.

Is it party time? Little one’s birthday? Family gathering? Whatever the occasion is, you’ll need the perfect Winnipeg landscaping company to make your lawn look amazing. Contact us to trim down that overgrown grass. Because let’s face it – that electric mower you got from the garage sale down the corner induces more stress than it resolves it.

We have the right tools and expert professionals to make sure your grass looks leveled and inviting. And for us, nothing is more appealing than the amazing smell of freshly cut grass and the green stripes of a freshly mowed lawn.

How We Operate

Our process is really simple. Just give us a call and our landscapers in Winnipeg will come visit you for a careful sire inspection. We will take photographs to evaluate the place. Based on the litter and debris on the site, we will develop the best plan that avoids injuries and property damage.

Once the place is analyzed, we will deliver cost-effective services using our high-end grass cutting equipment including zero-turn mowers and ride-on mowers.

And it’s not just lawn mowing that we do. We also make sure that your garden looks immaculately clean. All the hard areas surrounding flower beds or shrubs will be swept and cleared. We also inspect and monitor the lawn conditions and will let you know the best ways to maintain it.

We Offer Affordable Landscaping Services

Looking for a one-time grass cutting service? Or do you want a weekly package where we come and mow the lawn? Whatever your needs are, you’ll get the best prices here at Cleanr Mow.

We use efficient mowing services that save money and provide value for each dollar you spend. No matter how large your area is or how tough the grass is, our guys can clean up the area and make it look amazing in no time.

Just contact us and let us know the type of lawn treatment you’re looking for. Our experts will soon be at your place and finish the task to your satisfaction. If your lawn has started to look unkempt, don’t worry. All you need to do is call us and we’ll handle the rest.