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Why spend hours upon hours raking up leaves from your lawn, your garden, under your shed, behind the trees… They just never seem to end.

Cleanr Mow offers professional fall clean ups in Winnipeg that include blowing out the garden beds, raking and bagging all leaves on the lawn, and your final mow of the season all for an affordable price.

Your back is worth more than a few dollars. Save your back and get in touch with us today for an estimate! But act quick, as we do book up early (before all the leaves are off the trees). Fill out your information below to book an estimate.

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The Benefits of A Fall Clean Up

A fall clean up in Winnipeg is essential to the overall health of your lawn as it helps to prepare the lawn for the long and cold winter months that are sure to follow. A fall clean up helps to prevent winter mold and allows for a quick sprout up in the spring.

What Does A Fall Clean Up Include?

  • Flower Beds Blown Out

    Blowing out the flower beds helps to expose the soil, preventing winter mold and hurting your perennials.

  • Garbage Pick Up

    Loose garbage and debris are picked up in preparation for the winter.

  • Lawn Raked

    All of the leaves on the lawn are blown into a pile and raked up to prevent winter mold, voles, and other turf damage.

  • Lawn Mowed

    Your lawn is mowed to the most optimal length for the dormant winter season.

Other Fall Services Include…

Deep Core Aeration

The Benefits of Deep Core Aeration

DEEP CORE AERATION is the act of using a gas powered, lawn aerator to punch holes into your the lawn. During this, plugs of soil are pulled out from the lawn and left on top of the grass. Doing this allows for nutrients, oxygen, and water to further reach your lawns root system. This allows for your lawn to develop stronger and healthier routes creating a denser looking lawn. It also allows for your lawn to root deeper, strengthening it prior to the cold and snow filled winter. Aerating your lawn in the fall is a great way to help prepare your lawn for the winter and is best followed up by a a fall fertilizer blend.

Fall Clean Up Winnipeg Lawn Aeration

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Top Dressing

The Benefits of Top Dressing

Top dressing your lawn is the act of applying a fine layer of soil or compost to the top of your lawn. Over time, lawns use and lose the nutrients that are stored in the soil and these must be replaced for optimal lawn health. This can be done through the addition of fertilizer, as well as through top dressing. Top dressing also is a great way of helping to smooth over your lawns surface. If your mower is constantly bouncing around while you mow the lawn, you know the struggle of having a bumpy lawn. Top dressing helps to naturally reduce the bumps and divots within the lawn by adding extra organic material to level it out.

Fall Clean Up Winnipeg

Learn more about top dressing by clicking here.

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