Benefits of Top Dressing Your Lawn

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Benefits of Top Dressing Your Lawn Top dressing your lawn is the act of applying a fine layer of soil or compost to the top of your lawn. The layer is usually fine enough that you can hardly tell that it was put down and minimal clumping should occur. Top dressing has many varying benefits and is a common practice that is used for a variety of reasons. Most of all, it’s an important part of proper Winnipeg lawn care. Replenish Nutrients Over time, lawns use and lose the nutrients that are stored in the soil and these must be replaced for optimal lawn health. This can be done through the addition of fertilizer, as well as through top dressing. When you top dress with organic, weed free soil, you are in effect adding fresh nutrients and micro organisms to the lawn that will help to maintain the health of the lawn. Smooth Surface Top dressing also is a great way of helping to smooth over your lawns surface. If your mower is constantly bouncing around while you mow the lawn, you know the struggle of having a bumpy lawn. Top dressing helps to naturally reduce the bumps and divots within the lawn by adding extra organic material to level it out. If your lawn is especially bumpy, it will take more than one application but the results are definitely worth the effort. Top dressing a lawn properly can be a tiring effort, as it does take a lot of work to do it evenly. Without using a gas-powered soil spreader, the best way to top dress the lawn is using a good old fashioned wheel barrow and shovel. Wheel your soil into your designated area, one wheel barrow load at a time, and use your shovel to throw the soil, spreading it as your throw it. After you have spread all of the soil or compost, go over the lawn with a leaf rake and incorporate the organic material even further into the lawn. If you want to even further improve the effects of top dressing, lead into it with an aeration as it can help to improve the depth at which the nutrients reach the roots of the lawn. Overall, top dressing the lawn has many benefits and can be a great addition to a lawn maintenance program when you are looking to have a lawn that stands out in the neighborhood! If you are interested in top dressing or a lawn aeration, call us today at (204) 960-0246 to request an estimate!

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The Cleanr Mow Experience

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The Cleanr Mow Experience Excited and ready to enjoy the summer months but dreading the lawn work in the hot, hot summer heat that comes along with it? Prefer to spend time out at the cabin and not have to come in once a week to mow the lawn? Cleanr Mow makes it easy and affordable to hire a lawn care or landscape professional to handle your yard work for you. This is the Cleanr Mow experience. We Keep Our Commitments Cleanr Mow is different than a lot of companies here in the Winnipeg lawn care industry. We make a commitment to the customer and we strive to always keep our promises. It is not uncommon for other companies to come and mow your lawn when they want, not on any particular schedule. With Cleanr Mow, we mow your lawn on the same day and around the same time every single week, barring any weather events that stop us from working. It is simple to hire Cleanr Mow to handle your lawn care or landscaping projects, just follow the easy steps below! Get a Free Estimate To start, simply call us at (204) 960-0246 or visit us online at /booking/ to request a free, no obligation estimate. The majority of the time we are able to provide an estimate for weekly lawn care over the phone using our state of the art lawn recognition software. For landscaping or other work we will schedule an in person estimate with you. Once the estimate has been done and you have approved it, you will be added to our comprehensive, zone based routing software. At this point, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the work that we will be performing for you. Set Up Payment, Sit Back and Let Us Do What We Do Best For payment we accept post dated cheque as well as credit card. We must have either form of payment on file prior to beginning the service. Once you are routed in, our crews will be dispatched to your property for weekly lawn maintenance. 24 hours prior to each service visit, you will receive an automatic reminder email sent to you. This is to remind you to pick up any dog droppings, yard decor, or anything else that may impair us from doing a great job. As animal waste removal is not included in our services, we ask that it is done prior to our arrival. We will trim and mow around obstacles but will not move excessive amounts of lawn decor or toys. It’s That Easy That’s the Cleanr Mow experience. We try to make the experience as simple and painless as possible. Essentially you can just set it up with us, and then best case scenario you won’t have to talk to us again until the following season. Of course, if you do every have any questions, comments, or concerns we are always available at the office by phone at (204) 960-0246. The lawn care season runs from May 1st – September 31st and is followed by leaf removal in October. Overall, we are working hard to consistently innovate and find ways to improve your experience with us each and every day. To book an estimate or to sign up for weekly lawn maintenance, please call us at (204) 960-0246 or visit /booking/.

How Often Should I Water My Lawn?

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How Often Should I Water My Lawn? A common question we receive at Cleanr Mow is, “How often should I water my lawn?” The answer is fairly straightforward and we have seen great results using the watering methods that we recommend. Generally, a good rule of thumb for Winnipeg lawn care is water for 10-15 minutes, every three days or so. During the hot and dry summer months, lack of water can cause the lawn to dry out and turn brown. This can be combatted in two ways: A consistent watering schedule Raising the deck height when mowing the lawn By raising the deck height of the lawn mower, it allows the grass to grow longer and grow even longer roots. This helps it to retain moisture during hot and sunny days. Of course, a consistent watering program is much better for the lawn than raising the deck height of the lawn mower as it gives the lawn a consistent growth source. Be Sure Not to Overwater Your Lawn Overwatering can be equally as bad for the lawn as under-watering. When you overwater the lawn, it can cause growth in excess of 6” per week! This means that when we come to mow we are mowing 2/3 of the grass off when the maximum amount should be 1/3 of the blade. This causes undue stress on the lawn and can be damaging to the lawn. Consistently water around 10-15 minutes. Watering every three days or so is a great way to keep the lawn growing at a consistent rate, keeping it healthy and strong. How to Water Your Winnipeg Lawn There are three common ways to water the lawn here in Winnipeg: 1. Underground sprinkler system. Installing an underground sprinkler system is by far the easiest way to water the lawn once it is installed. It is as simple as turning on the sprinkler from your controller indoors. You can even pre-program it to go on on a consistent schedule, so you can literally set it and forget it. 2. Above ground sprinkler system. This can either be a hose running from your tap to an individual sprinkler, or you can hide above ground sprinklers around your flower beds. Either way, it is a more involved process than an underground system. 3. Manually watering. This is by far the most involved and least consistent method of watering the lawn. If you are purchasing a newly built home, it is definitely in your lawns best interest to have an underground sprinkler system installed! So there’s your answer to,”How often should I water my lawn?” from the Winnipeg lawn care professionals. In short, as long as you are consistent in your watering the lawn will see the best results. Make sure to water when it gets hot and dry and aim for that goal of 10-15 minutes every three days and your lawn should stay healthy and in great shape!