How Often Should I Power Rake My Lawn?

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How Often Should I Power Rake My Lawn?

The common answer to how often you should power rake your lawn seems to be once a year. Generally after the last of the snow melts away, the lawn has dried up, and when Spring is in full bloom. But that may not be the best idea for the overall health of your lawn.

Power raking is the act of taking a gas powered dethatcher (or power rake) which uses metal tines to tear the top layer of thatch off of your lawn. In Winnipeg, many homeowners request power raking at the start of the Spring season because it removes the dead grass that has formed over the winter and generally fluffs up your lawn making it look green before it even starts growing for the season. What is missing however, is the actual need to power rake your lawn.

Power Raking Winnipeg, MB

On average, a healthy lawn really only needs to be power raked once every three to four years (potentially sooner in higher traffic areas) for optimal growth and lawn health. Alongside an annual lawn aeration and a fertilization plan, power raking would not need to be an annual occurence. However, at Cleanr Mow we do offer power raking as an option during the Spring season as many Winnipeg homeowners do prefer it for the instant beautification of their lawn. If a lawn does not need a full fledged power rake, we can raise our commercial grade machines to the highest level and provide the fluffed up and healthy look without damaging the lawn. In that case, it will only remove the old, dead grass from over the winter and will not damage the healthy, soon to be growing grass below.

For the 2017 lawn care season, Cleanr Mow will be offering $99 power rakes when you book before April 15th, up to 3,000 square feet of turf. For an additional $49, you can add aeration and have the healthiest lawn in the neighbourhood.

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Mulching Vs. Bagging

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Mulching Vs. Bagging

Which One Should You Do?

A common question we get at Cleanr Mow is ‘do you mulch your grass clippings or do you bag them?’. Our answer is always the same — we mulch! Let me explain…

Mulching your grass clippings is the act of using a lawnmower with a specific mulching blade to cut the grass as finely as possible. Check out the picture below for a better understanding of how a mulching blade works. The left over grass clippings, or ‘mulch‘, is then left on the yard to act as a fertilizer for the lawn. Mulch is defined as “a material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil.” The mulched grass clippings will decompose and turn into an organic fertilizer, full of healthy nutrients for your lawn. When you bag the grass clippings from your lawn, you are essentially depriving your lawn of a free, organic fertilizer that it could be utilizing to help aid in its growth.

Mulched Grass Clippings

The difference in appearance between a mulched lawn and a bagged lawn can be subjective, but it is nearly always unnoticeable. If you are mowing your lawn on a weekly schedule, the grass will not grow long enough that it will create many clumps when mulched. This will give it the appearance of a bagged lawn, even though you are mulching it and providing it with the organic goodness!

Rotary Mower Clippings and Mulching Mower Clippings

Grass clippings that are mulched right into the lawn settle down onto the ground and decompose. A properly tuned mulching mower will shoot the clippings deeper into the lawn to help them decompose even quicker. As the clippings break down, they add nutrients to the soil. The nitrogen levels in particular increase when you mulch your grass versus bagging. This is a crucial element needed to maintain a healthy, green, lush lawn! You need fewer chemical fertilizers when the mulched grass clippings are left in place. If you bag the grass clippings, you may need to add chemical fertilizers to boost the nitrogen levels in the lawn. For this reason, mulching is seen as a much more organic choice for home owners than bagging your lawn. You can avoid having to use harsh chemicals to keep your lawn looking good, which can be a large deterrent especially when you have animals or young children frequently on the lawn!

Overall, as long as you are consistent and are on a weekly lawn care plan, mulching is 100% the way to go!

Will Cleanr Mow Trim Grass In Rock Beds?

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Will Cleanr Mow Trim Grass In Rock Beds?

In short, NO. We will not trim any grass, weeds, or growth in or around rock beds or rock gardens.

Cleanr Mow will not trim any growth within rock beds during our weekly lawn maintenace visits for one simple reason – safety. A trimmer head turning at a fast speed can easily pick up a rock from a rock bed and launch at a dangerous clip up to 30 feet. This turns your average rock bed into a bed full of dangerous and painful projectiles. We at Cleanr Mow know from experience how painful this can be! These shooting rocks can also break windows, damage vehicles, hurt passerbys, and a number of other painful and destructive things may occur. For this reason, we will not trim any growth within or around rock beds.

Grass and Weeds in Rock Bed

Here is an example of weeds growing in a rock garden.

BUT there is an alternative – you can always spray your rock beds/gardens with a growth regulator or a kill all chemical. These chemicals can be found at your regular hardware stores such as Home Depot, Rona, Canadian Tire, etc. Just make sure you avoid spraying on or near any grass, plants, or small shrubs that you intend to keep as the kill all can spread further than your intended target.

Currently at this time, we do not offer a herbicide program for weed removal, but we are always more than happy to refer you to another company for herbicide and pesticides. We have a close working relationship with several other lawn care companies in the city that are able to tackle this service for you, and are more than willing to give you a referral. Just call us and ask!

Hopefully this gave you a better understanding of what we do and do not offer within our weekly lawn maintenance program. If you are not currently a Cleanr Mow customer and would like to sign up for any of our services, you can easily do so by booking online here!