Salt Damaged Grass

How To Battle Salt Damage In The Spring

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How To Battle Salt Damage In The Spring

During winters, in countries like Canada, salt sprays are used widely to melt the ice that accumulates on pathways, gardens and lawns. De-icing salt is then used to melt that ice. However, as too many Winnipeg residents know,  the use of salt can be harmful for plants, grass and soil. This harm caused by salt is known as salt damage, and it could be reversed or at least contained in many ways. A few simple precautions can counteract the effect of salt damage.

Causes of Salt Damage

How to Battle Salt Damage in the Spring

Due to scattering of de-icing salt or salt spray on the layer of ice, ice starts melting gradually. With the melted ice, salt also washes away into plants and soil, and the level of toxic mixture builds up quickly. This leaves moisture in the soil, but due to toxicity and salt presence, plants cannot absorb this moisture. An effect of drought occurs causes scorched edges of leaf, stunted growth of plants, and other growth issues.

The coating of salt draws moisture out of plants and leafs, which inhibits the cycle of photosynthesis, and new buds can’t sprout in spring. Salt can even take a beating on hard surfaces like concrete or stone surfaces because of its corrosive nature. This is the reason salt can cause so much damage to landscapes, gardens and lawns.

Besides all these damages, even when the salt mixture freezes again, the ice expands and it could then be cracked easily, and cause furthermore damages to vehicles or pedestrians.

Protect Your Lawn from Salt Damage

To protect lawn from salt damage, there are many precautions which need to be taken. Cleanr Mow, your Winnipeg lawn care company, can help alleviate salt damage. We have the best equipment and trained staff of professionals who know how to handle salt damage, and prevent your grass from succumbing to all sorts of turfgrass diseases and growth issues. The Cleanr Mow team takes great care of your residential and commercial lawns. We know which de-icing salt is the least damaging, at which temperature, and in which conditions it should be applied, and how these products are to be used in the best possible ways.

The Cleanr Mow team is very experienced in repairing salt damage of your lawn. We take all the aforementioned precautions and to protect and preserve the lawn.

Turfgrass Disease

Turfgrass Disease Prevention and Control

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Turfgrass Disease Prevention and Control

The lawn is one the most peaceful and satisfying portion of a house (at least in our opinion). It’s where one can enjoy the colors of nature without having to venture too far. In order to keep your lawn clean, looking good, and safe from turfgrass disease, one has to maintain it properly and take care of the grass and plants in a proper manner. And it’s not as difficult of a task as you may think to keep the lawns fresh and healthy. You can do it easily by having the right tools and equipment.

These following components of lawn care will help prevent turfgrass disease:

  • Proper irrigation
  • Annual aeration of soil
  • Proper lawn mowing
  • Balanced fertilizers
  • Diseases resistant cultivators

Some of these things can be done at home. Others need lawn care professionals to look after the tiny details of lawn. The Cleanr Mow team has been rated as one of the best property management companies in Winnipeg. We train our staff extensively and instruct them in the best methods for preventing and treating turfgrass disease. They are passionate about lawns and they know how to keep your grass in great condition.

Turfgrass Disease Diagnosis and Control

For diagnosing the turfgrass disease, Winnipeg lawn care professionals are needed as the average homeowner is usually unable to do so. Disease diagnosis needs proper information and horticulture knowledge. The Cleanr Mow team are proficient in protecting and preserving our client’s lawns in a perfect manner. We’ll diagnose the frequency and nature of the disease and control it accordingly.

DIY vs. Hiring

You may be thinking that diagnosing, treating and preventing turfgrass disease is a tall order. That’s why we’re here. We believe we’re a very reasonably-priced lawn care company, as we offer competitive monthly lawn care plans. Our passion for preserving the beauty of your lawn and keeping it protected from all the diseases makes it even easier for clients to hire us.

Cleanr Mow Winnipeg Lawn Care

Top 7 Reasons Property Managers Are Switching to Cleanr Mow

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Top 7 Reasons Property Managers Are Switching to Cleanr Mow


We are not your typical, fly-by-night lawn guy. Our team of professionally managed, front line staff are given hours upon hours of paid training before they even step foot on your property. After an intensive video course, each staff member spends hours on every piece of equipment. This way they are totally comfortable before they even leave the shop. This is done with your property in mind. We want to make sure that we provide the safest environment for your tenants while maintaining a high level of satisfaction. All of our Cleanr Mow staff are uniformed and drive clean, company branded vehicles. You run a clean, well kept operation and we want to respect you by doing the same.


Utilizing an array of innovative technology allows us too accommodate all of your requests with little delay. Our management team is highly trained, as well as our front line staff. All of these things combined allows us to provide any reports that are necessary for your requested service. If you need before and after pictures, GPS points while on site, or any other number of technical requirements, we can provide it. We choose to be extremely property management friendly to make your job easier.


Cleanr Mow provides industry leading levels of service when it comes to commercial lawn care in Winnipeg. We offer prompt communication and reliable service standards, so you are never left in the dark when it comes to your commercial property. We offer total lot maintenance including commercial lawn mowing, trash and debris pick up, hedge trimming, mulch and garden bed installs, and more. Rest assured your property is in good hands when you hire Cleanr Mow.

Cleanr Mow has $1,000,000 in general liability and all workers are properly trained and WCB covered. We provide only the best commercial lawn maintenance solutions for our valued customers.


We pride ourselves on the fact that when we make a promise, we keep it. This means that when we say we are going to show up on Tuesday, we show up on Tuesday. Our state of the art management software allows us to route your property in the same day every week without a chance of it being missed. The only thing that stops us from showing up to your property on the same day every week is mother nature herself.


If you need service now, we understand that, so we make the process as quick and painless as possible. In most cases, we can provide you an estimate within minutes, with larger properties taking up to 24 hours. We strive to make it as easy as possible for you to hire us!


The Cleanr Mow mantra is ‘it’s the little things that count’. With that in mind, we make sure we go out of our way to make every encounter with us a pleasant one. It truly is the little things that count.


We offer unparalleled value when providing lawn care services in Winnipeg while still providing affordable rates. The saying ‘you get what you pay for’ truly does apply to lawn care. We strive to offer the highest level of service possible while still maintaining great rates!

Get in touch with us today if you would like an estimate by calling (204) 960-0246 or visiting our homepage.










(Cleanr Mow won the Award of Excellence for being the top lawn care company in Winnipeg as selected by We were also awarded with the 2018 Consumer Choice Award for Winnipeg, which was a big honor!)

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