Your Lawn and Summer Fun

Kristian Zoppa Summer Mowing Tips

Your Lawn and Summer Fun

Summer is a season of activity. It’s the time of year where people are meant to be outside. The family should be coming together, sharing their favorite cookout dishes. Kids and their friends should be swimming in the pool. This is the moment where your lawn shines its brightest and stands as a true point of pride for the home.

As you likely know, the summer can be a tricky time for lawn care. Higher temperatures mean things dry out faster and your lawn is no exception. Obviously you want to keep the grass watered and mowed, but is there more you could be doing for your lawn care? Are some of your favorite summer activities potentially harming it? Well, let’s take a look at those questions.

Have You Ever Wondered…?

Swimming in the pool is likely one of the first thoughts in someone’s head when summer is mentioned. When one imagines pool water, its almost impossible to forget or ignore the smell of chlorine. Many pool owners and swimmers alike have probably wondered to themselves: “is chlorine bad for the grass?” Anyone who’s opened their eyes in a heavily chlorinated pool can tell you, it can be harsh. However, the human eye is a little more sensitive than the average lawn. The amount of chlorine used to clean a pool is relatively small and dilutes in the water to the point where it is harmless to grass. So next time your splashing about, know your lawn is safe from your latest cannonball attempt.

Grilling is Great, But…

The grill is a staple for summer cuisine. Some might even say that a summer gathering isn’t really complete without a proper grill master. Now, whether you’re an old-school charcoal fan or using the latest fast lighting briquettes, there is a key difference you should know. When it comes to your lawn, some grill masters will dump the embers and coals straight to the grass when they’re done. Some others will tell you that a little bit of ash and soot can be healthy for the grass and plants. While it’s true the organic ash can be an ingredient in a healthy compost, the chemicals in synthetic charcoal make them more of a hazard than a help. As such, when you feel the temptation to simply pour out your chemical laden charcoal briquettes onto the lawn, know that your grass and plants will likely suffer.

So You Want to Host a Big Summer Bash…

As much as we all enjoy the company of our close friends and family, they can make for a pretty large group when they all bunch together. Your lawn can attest to this more than anything. The reality is, that high traffic areas can suffer from trampling and end up leaving bald spots and other lawn diseases on your lawn. There are of course measures you can take to protect your lawn from the damages of excess foot traffic but they require patience and planning. Things like spreading a healthy compost and mulch can help safeguard your grass, but even then sometimes it’s not enough.

Fortunately for times like that, you can always call on the lawn care experts at Cleanr Mow. No matter how big your summer get together is, they got you and your grass covered.

Paying the Right Price for Your Lawn Care

Kristian Zoppa Summer Mowing Tips

How to Know You’re Paying the Right Price for Lawn Care

Many homeowners can face issues when selecting the right lawn care company for the maintenance of their lawn. Honestly, how do you know when you are simply paying too much? What is the right price? Not many customers feel like they can strictly take a company’s word for it when they’re providing all the quotes and information, especially when there are companies that charge much more than the market rate. Once that happens, a customer with minimal or misleading information could be trapped. It is very necessary to have a clear idea about how much should you pay lawn care companies before using their services.

What you need to know

There are several ways in which a customer can make a reasonable estimate as to how much they should be paying lawn care companies. Below are a few of the most important to consider:

  • A person could measure the yard to see the exact area they’re working with in terms of square footage. With a solid idea of how large it is, one can begin to think in terms of a reasonable cost for a lawn that size.
  • After getting the proper measurements, the next thing to consider is how many services your lawn requires. The price can vary a great deal from just mowing the grass and trimming of plants, versus power raking the lawn and adding in a new flower bed. As such, you should have a clear idea about which services you want to get from the lawn care company you employ.
  • It might help you to make the list of a few companies you are looking to potentially use. Once you have that, you could call them to get all of their pricing information and see if they are offering any deals.
  • Feel free to ask your friends and relatives about how much have they been charged for the similar services, to further clarify your idea about pricing.

Our Clear and Honest Lawn Care Pricing

All of the above-mentioned points are very important, and quite vital when selecting a lawn care company. Doing them all can easily make it clear to customers how much a company should charge for their services. This could help the customers stay safe and avoid scams and disreputable companies as well. There are many good and professional companies that offer their services, like Cleanr Mow.

We offer the highest-quality lawn care services at the most reasonable lawn mowing prices in Winnipeg. Our customers are seldom dissatisfied and we ensure trust to all those who employ us for their lawn maintenance. Not only does having proper information save you money, it also ensures healthy and longevity for your lawn too. Stay conscious and think before making your final decision about the lawn care company you hire for your home.

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Lawn Care Scams: How to Know a Lawn Care Company is Real

Kristian Zoppa Lawn Care

Lawn Care Scams: How to Know a Lawn Care Company is Real

When springtime comes, homeowners like you start looking for quality lawn care companies to maintain and keep their lawns intact throughout the summer. Your mailboxes may become flooded with the advertisements of many local companies, and unfortunately fall prey to lawn care scams.

To avoid such scams, making sure that the lawn care company you hire is real or not is the most important thing to do for your lawn. If you would show bit carelessness in this regard, there is a complete chance that you could get deceived by the company or your lawn could be ruined in no time.

Fake companies tend to get their customers through false methods, really just wanting to empty the pockets of their clients. When it comes to doing their job, as they lack professional staff and proper equipment, often to ruining lawns as a result.

How to Avoid Lawn Care Scams

To avoid the lawn care scam companies, you should check a few things before finalizing things:

  • Check the company’s credibility through reviews
  • Get the opinion of others around your neighborhood
  • Check their licenses and/or certifications

This is always one of the best ideas to talk to your friends or relatives and ask for their suggestions on the matter. They could suggest the lawn care companies with whom they previously had experiences, and you could be able to filter the best lawn care company of all those suggestions. This way, there are fewer chances to be scammed out by the fake companies, as you’d be technically talking to the previous customers of those companies. So always stay conscious and alert of the fake companies in everything you’re going to do, and save your money plus time and your house as well.