PLEASE READ: Due to overwhelming demand and a slow thaw we are no longer able to accommodate any more Full Spring Clean Ups. We still have spots open for Basic Power Rake’s as well as lawn aeration!

NOTE – Prices shown below are based on 3,000 SQFT of turf. Aeration can be added to the Basic Power Rake package for an additional $49.

Spring Cleanups In Winnipeg

Select from our three spring cleanup packages listed below!

We are offering three tiers of spring cleanups this April and May. Our lowest tier is your ‘Basic Power Rake’ which includes a power rake, power vacuum, lawn mow, trimming around obstacles, lawn edged, and driveways and concrete surfaces blown off. The next step up is our ‘Full Spring Cleanup’ and it includes everything from the Basic Power Rake as well as all of the garden beds cleaned and blown out. All dead plant material is taken care of and we will make sure everything in the beds is ready for the growing season. The final tier is the ‘Full Cleanup Plus Aeration’ and this includes everything from the Full Spring Cleanup as well as deep core aeration.

Select the type of spring cleanup you would like and book now. We are usually fully booked by the middle of April!

Basic Power Rake


Up To 3,000 SQFT
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Full Cleanup Plus Aeration


Up To 3,000 SQFT
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The Benefits of Deep Core Aeration

DEEP CORE AERATION is the process of using a lawn aerator to drive over your lawn and punch 1″-3″ holes into your lawn. The holes create plugs, cylindrical tubes of mud and grass, that get pulled out and deposited back on top of your lawn. This creates breathing room for your lawn and allows water, oxygen, and nutrients to more easily enter the root system of the grass, creating lusher, more dense grass in a matter of weeks. DEEP CORE AERATION is a lot less destructive to your lawn than other methods, and will help it to naturally de-thatch as well as to improve the density and health of the lawn. Learn more about lawn aeration.

spring cleanup lawn aeration

Add Aeration To Your Spring Cleanup For Only


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The Benefits of Professional Power Raking

POWER RAKING your lawn removes the old layer of thatch that has accumulated on your lawn over the previous years. This is especially helpful in highly trafficked areas that see a lot of compaction during the spring and summer months. Because POWER RAKING is very aggressive to your lawn, it should generally only be done when the layer of the thatch reaches 1/2″ or more. Learn more about power raking.

spring cleanup power raking

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