Power Raking

Power Raking 101: Why should I power rake my lawn? 

A common question we get at Cleanr Mow is “why should I power rake my lawn and is it really worth it?” The answer varies from lawn to lawn, but generally the positives do outweigh the negatives when it comes to power raking.

Power raking your lawn removes the old layer of thatch that has accumulated on your lawn over the previous years. This is especially helpful in highly trafficked areas that see a lot of compaction during the spring and summer months. Because power raking is very aggressive to your lawn, it should generally only be done when the layer of the thatch reaches 1/2″ or more.

When the thatch layer on your lawn is a 1/2″ or greater it is definitely worth it to power rake your lawn.

The Best Time To Power Rake A Lawn

Power Raking 102: When should I power rake my lawn? 

The best time of the year to have your lawn power raked is during the spring. Once your lawn has fully dried up and there are no more wet spots and before it enters growth mode for the season is the perfect sweet spot.

If your lawn is still wet when it is power raked, you risk tearing and rutting of the healthy grass layer. This can easily cause damage that could last until the fall. For that reason it is best to wait until your lawn is dry in the early to mid spring. Power raking in the summer or fall creates too much stress on your lawn while it is trying to grow and can end up resulting in more damage than good.

It is best to power rake your lawn in the springtime for optimal results.

Power Raking vs. De-Thatching

Power Raking 103: What is the difference between power raking and de-thatching? 

When it really comes down to it, power raking and de-thatching are essentially the same thing. Power raking refers to using a gas powered machine called a ‘power rake’ that uses metal tines to rip out the top layer of thatch. Pictured beside is what we use here at Cleanr Mow – commercial Bluebird Power Rakes. De-thatching can refer to the use of a de-thatching mower, a metal rake, or any number of tools that de-thatches the lawn.

Power raking provides a much cleaner and quicker job, meaning you will pay less as we will be spending less time on your property. For the 2017 spring season, we are offering a spring power rake for only $99 – up to 3,000 square feet of turf.


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